New WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E is hopeful that the tragic loss of Brodie Lee, who he considered a dear friend, will give the wrestling business “something great & meaningful” since the industry can otherwise be a “dark and callous” place.

Big E tweeted, “I cried with so many grown men as we told each other “I love you” the last two days. This industry can be dark and callous but it can also be beautiful & resilient. I hope losing Brodie gives us something great & meaningful.”

In another tweet, Big E made a little joke about how Lee’s appearance always gave off the impression of a panhandler or homeless person, even though it was the exact opposite of the kind of man Lee really was.

“If I didn’t know him, I’d think, “What a beautiful panhandler!” (I’ve reached the “laugh to keep from crying” stage of grief.)”

As noted before, Big E shared the telephone conversations he had with Lee earlier this year when the two former WWE colleagues cried over the controversial death of George Floyd. According to Big E, Lee would always “hit the next town or drive home” by ending conversations with a “goodbye, forever” line.

“I always rolled my eyes [whenever he would say goodbye, forever],” recalled Big E. “As godawful as this has been, I’m glad I got to say goodbye. I never had a better friend.”

See below for Big E’s tweets on Brodie Lee: