Since the tragic passing of Brodie Lee [real name Jon Huber, fka Luke Harper] on Saturday, an old photo of WWE Superstars posing with Lee backstage has been doing the rounds. The likes of Bray Wyatt and Chris Hero have also shared the photo on their social media accounts.

AEW star Chris Jericho, who is also spotted in the picture, took to Instagram to explain the story behind why him, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Primo [from The Colons] were posing in unison with Lee.

Jericho revealed that the picture was taken during a WWE tour in Mexico in 2015 when Lee was “annoyed that he didn’t have his own merch t-shirt.” This led to “one of the brothers” making a bunch of custom shirts in Lee’s honor, per Jericho.

“We all wore them in tribute to the dude, cause everybody loved him,” wrote Jericho. “Just a wonderful man and a kickass worker….we never had a bad match and I probably worked with him 50 times. I was a big fan of his and even helped bring him into All Elite Wrestling…where he did the best work of his career in a very short time.”

Jericho said he was going to “try to find that goofy fu–in shirt” and hang it on his wall as a tribute to Lee.

“I’m going to hang it on my wall so I can be reminded daily what a legit great person looks like. Thanks Jon…you were one in a million and a true brother’s brother,” added Jericho.

See below for Jericho’s Instagram post: