Jim Ross has been involved in pro wrestling for nearly 50 years and he’s seen many different eras of the sport. This current era utilizes lots of acrobatic spots and “Wow” moments and Ross doesn’t necessarily see this change as for the better.

Appearing on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross said that some acrobatic spots such as a tope suicida are “sensibly illogical.” Darby Allin has made a living out of performing these high-risk spots and he was asked about JR’s comments during an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda.

“I love Jim Ross and I agree with him,” replied Allin.

Allin is one of many young AEW stars who didn’t get national recognition until they signed with the company but others, like Kenny Omega, had a level of notoriety prior to joining. With Omega the current AEW World Champion, one of the promotion’s VPs and a participant in the company’s first ever PPV main event, some have christened him the “Face of AEW.”

Allin has never stepped into the ring with Omega but he gave his thoughts on Omega being the face of the promotion.

“I don’t know. I can’t really form an opinion on that guy,” stated Allin. “He’s a hard worker, but I don’t know. I have no idea how he got there. Can’t form an opinion on him.”

AEW and Impact Wrestling recently announced a partnership which opens up a whole new host of possibilities in terms of crossover matches. Allin competed on the indie scene for years prior to AEW so he’s worked with some Impact wrestlers and he pointed to one in particular when asked who from Impact he wants to wrestle.

“The only person I’d say is Ethan Page because three years ago, I stepped in the ring with him. He broke my elbow with a shovel and I’ve never seen him since,” said Allin. “Ethan Page, I’d love to step foot in the ring with him and finish some business.”

Allin is the current AEW TNT Champion and previously he had a couple of shots at the AEW World Championship. Thus, he’s gotten to tangle with quite a few AEW competitors but there’s still a big fish out there he hasn’t locked up with.

He was asked who on the AEW roster he most wants to face.

“There’s a long list, but I’d say on top of that list for a singles match is probably a guy like Kenny Omega, because I know I’ve never stepped in the ring with him and I want to know what the hype is all about,” stated Allin.

“I’d also love to find a tag team partner and fight FTR. That’s another one.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.