AEW President Tony Khan appeared on Impact Wrestling tonight alongside Tony Schiavone. Aside from a few backstage cameos, this is Tony Khan’s first full on-air appearance for a professional wrestling promotion’s programming.

The two popped up in a throwback-style “paid advertisement” for All Elite Wrestling. In the ad, Khan sarcastically mentioned how his appearance comes via a paid and planned advertisement, likely throwing shade at Kenny Omega’s abrupt and unexpected appearance. Khan mentions that if he wanted to stop Kenny from appearing on the show, he could, but he chose not to.

“Hey Impact Wrestling! It’s great to be here tonight via this paid ad that’s allowed me to join you,” Khan said. “I understand that the brand new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega is going to be here on this show tonight, so I thought I would join him. If I wanted to stop it Tony, I absolutely could. I could file an injunction. I could tell Kenny he’s in breach of contract. But I’m not going to do that. Instead, I thought I would actually help fund the show via this ad, because I think it’s going to help. It’s going to help the budget, it’s going to help the bottom line, and hopefully it helps promote AEW to have our champion on this show.”

Khan then plugged tomorrow’s episode of AEW Dynamite, which is set to include Orange Cassidy vs. MJF for the Dynamite Diamond, and the Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid2. After mentioning the tag team contest, Khan referenced Impact’s tag division, and teased that he might be scouting their teams in the future.

“Some of these teams around here, maybe I’ll come check them out,” Khan said. “In fact, I have some investments in Nashville. There’s some rumors that I might even buy Impact Wrestling.”

Khan then referenced Schiavone’s brief tenure with Impact, to which Schiavone said he spent one night in the then-TNA and then “quit the business for 18 years.”

The ad concluded with Khan plugging Sting’s upcoming interview with Schiavone, as well as extending an invitation to Don Callis to join Kenny Omega on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

You can watch the full appearance below:

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