EC3 spoke with Chris Van Vliet after he had tested positive for COVID-19, which took him off his match against Jay Briscoe at this Friday’s ROH Final Battle. In his interview, EC3 discussed working for ROH, cutting promos without a crowd, being in quarantine, and more.

One of the biggest things wrestlers have had to adjust to this year was performing without a live audience, EC3 noted how difficult it was to know whether her promo was any good or not.

“Having no crowd is so ? you don’t know if something is good or bad, succeeding or failing, in hindsight, it was a monologue, it was very interesting, it was very unique, and I was very proud of it,” EC3 said. “Then in the midst of doing it, you’re always self-reflecting in the moment, and I’m like, ‘Does this suck? Is this any good?’ Especially when you’re done and go to the back, and they’re running a bare bones crew because they’re taking proper precautions with COVID.

“There’s not a lot of people around and there’s no immediate feedback, either. You’re walking to the back like, ‘How was it?’ It seems to have gotten good reviews, so I appreciate the kind words. What’s great about Ring of Honor is that they allow talent to create ? they very much trusted me and this is our first time working together ? to go out there and do me and I thank them for that because doing ‘me,’ I can do the best ‘me’ possible.”

Earlier this week, EC3 and other ROH wrestlers were pulled from this weekend’s PPV during the first round of COVID-19 testing. The former WWE Superstar explained what it was like for him to go through COVID, and was glad to see ROH’s protocols working to keep everyone safe at the tapings.

“I’ve been quarantined for a week to ten days, yeah, at this point, I have COVID,” EC3 stated. “I’m at the tail end of it. It sucked a little bit, some of it wasn’t bad. I’m healthy, so I was fortune. Infected my parents, who were visiting me, whoops! They had to stay longer. I’ve had no alone time or solitude, which drove me nuts, but besides that we actually had a great time.

“Ring of Honor caught it via their protocol and testing. What they’re doing is working, and working well. I will miss that match [at Final Battle] and I don’t want to because I really want to fight Jay Briscoe, and I do want to find if honor is real. I do plan on finding if honor is real in January. I would say I’m [feeling] a solid ninety percent. I would say ninety percent of COVID, I laughed in its face. I had none of the respiratory issues, kind of felt like the flu or a moderately bad cold some of the times.

“I would say one day I overdid it on my carb load, or I was sick with COVID and it attacked my stomach because I was farting way too much. One day, I had a real bad set of chills where I had a double hoodie. One night, I had a ten minute respiratory cough and I was like, ‘I get why this sucks now.’ Woah! I feel like I was breathing fire and then I’ve been fine ever since.”

EC3 also said he believed Ring of Honor had the best wrestling in the world, but is still unsure if there is actually honor inside the ring ? like the company often promotes.

“Out of all the promotions, out of all the things we talk about in the wrestling world, the art form or the pure combat sport that is wrestling, Ring of Honor is the best wrestling in the world,” EC3 said. “Is there still honor within the ring? I don’t know. I’m dying to find out. I know there’s not honor outside the ring. I’ve been in many places that have shown me that fact, but does honor still exist in the ring? We’ll see.”

You can check out the full interview in the video above.

If you use any quotes from the article, please credit Chris Van Vliet with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.