As noted, AEW President Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appeared on Impact Wrestling for the third straight week tonight.

During AEW’s latest “paid ad” on Impact, Khan said that since AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will compete in the main event of Impact’s Hard To Kill PPV on January 16, he was inviting Impact’s stars to show up on AEW Dynamite.

“You know what, Impact Wrestling, you want Kenny Omega here wrestling your people, that’s fine with me,” said Khan.” Tomorrow night, Wednesday Night Dynamite, you’re welcome to send some of your people to my show this week, any week.”

After watching the ad, Ethan Page tweeted that Impact should send his alter ego, The Karate Man, to AEW.

“Yo @IMPACTWRESTLING send @The_KarateMan to A E W,” wrote Page.

During last week’s episode of Impact, Karate Man invaded a match between Josh Alexander and Brian Myers.

As reported first by Wrestling Inc., Page’s contract with Impact Wresting expires on December 31st. We have also learned that Page had talks with WWE, AEW and MLW this past summer. Impact was reportedly accommodating in allowing Page to explore his options.