On this week’s MLW Fusion, it was announced that the first match added to the Kings of Colosseum card will be Lio Rush challenging Myron Reed for the MLW World Middleweight Championship on Wednesday, January 6.

As announced earlier this week, MLW will air their annual pay-per-view event for free on their weekly aired channels. This will be their first big event held since their time off during the pandemic.

This match came to be after Reed issued a challenge to Rush following his successful title defense against Brian Pillman Jr. just three weeks ago. This week, Rush sent out a follow-up video and agreed to Reed’s challenge. But instead of having this match take place two weeks from now, he declared that they push it back to January 6, to which Reed agreed to. Reed is currently the longest Middleweight Champion with a total of 396+ days as of this report.

Also, another match on the horizon that hasn’t been signed just yet is Alex Hammerstone versus CONTRA Unit’s newest member Mads Krügger. On The Restart episode, Krugger attacked Hammerstone, causing him to be out of action for three weeks. Now that he’s medically cleared, he will be back on Fusion next week to address the “Black Hand of CONTRA.”

Below is the updated card for Kings of Colosseum thus far:

MLW Middleweight Championship
Myron Reed (c) vs. Lio Rush

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