Former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck is apparently confident that he will win his wrongful termination lawsuit against former XFL boss Vince McMahon.

Luck has asked a Connecticut federal judge to order the WWE Chairman & CEO to immediately put aside $23.8 million that would go to pay Luck’s likely award for the lawsuit, according to OK Magazine and legal documents revealed by

Luck filed the lawsuit against Vince back in April, for breach of contract over his April 8 dismissal, which came just four days before the league filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic following a somewhat successful relaunch. You can click here for details on a May legal filing by Vince’s lawyers, which include allegations against Luck and the reasons Vince fired him, and you can click here for details on Luck’s lawsuit with insider details on the final days of the league under Vince’s control.

In a filing made earlier this week, Luck says the evidence is so clear in his favor that McMahon should have to put the money into escrow while he waits for the court to decide the fate of the case.

“The facts clearly demonstrate that Mr. Luck never performed any act or omission that would qualify for termination for cause under the employment contract,” the filing says.

Luck argues in his lawsuit that he was fired without cause and that under the terms of his contract, which he claims was personally guaranteed by McMahon, he is owed his pay for the remaining three years on the contract.

United States District Judge Victor A. Bolden ruled in June that Alpha Entertainment LLC, Vince’s then-parent company of the XFL, was an indispensable party and that the case could not proceed while the organization was in bankruptcy. Bolden eventually lifted the stay in November after the XFL was sold to a private equity group that is led by former WWE Champion The Rock.

The Rock recently revealed that they are looking to bring the XFL back in 2022.

“It’s an uphill battle – but we’re hungry, humble and no one will outwork us,” he said in a statement on October 1.

Rock confirmed in another statement on August 21 that the XFL sale was complete.

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