Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt of The Jurassic Express were on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast where they spoke to Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone about how they each signed with AEW. For Jungle Boy, he said he got a text from Cody Rhodes while having breakfast with his family, and he also discussed the last match his father, the late Luke Perry, saw of his live.

“I’d also done a GCW show in Chicago, so we were we were all at breakfast one morning, and I got a message on Twitter from Cody,” Jungle Boy recalled.. “And he just said, ‘Shoot me a text when you have a minute,’ and I had a feeling this might happen because I’d seen people following me on Instagram like Chris [Jericho] and The Bucks. And I was like, okay.

“I knew something was happening, but I remember getting the text, and I was sitting next to my dad. I showed him the phone like that under the table. He said, ‘That’s cool.’ Then that all ended up happening, and the last one he saw me have in person was my first PWG, which that was cool for me too. PWG itself was a huge landmark thing. I’m really glad that he got to be there and see things obviously going in that direction.”

Jungle Boy said that he met The Young Bucks and Rhodes at an indie show while The Young Bucks were doing their indie tour. He also revealed that when he first met The Young Bucks and Rhodes, the original plan was supposed to be him tagging with Marko Stunt.

“I had already had the call before that, and originally, I remember the first time I actually met The Bucks. I met Matt [Jackson] and Cody before, but The Bucks and Cody came to Bar Wrestling because they were kind of going around doing a little indie tour,” Jungle Boy noted. “And I took this picture with them that was like my announcement picture. But originally, they were telling me that day me and Marko were supposed to be a team. That was the original plan before he (Luchasaurus) was in the mix.”

Luchasaurus said that after ROH decided not to sign him, he spoke with The Young Bucks through Trent of Best Friends. He said that The Young Bucks thought that he had already signed, and they booked him for Double or Nothing when they found out he was not under contract with another promotion.

“I talked to Trent,” Luchasaurus recalled. “I was texting him saying, ‘Hey, Ring of Honor decided not to pick me up.’ They were going to use me when they come out to the west coast and stuff, but they didn’t have any ideas for me creatively, and Trent’s like, ‘Hey, I’m in the car with The Bucks right now. You want me to tell him that you’re not with them because they thought you were signed with ROH.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, tell them.’ They’re like, ‘Oh, let’s bring him in for Double or Nothing. Does he want to be in the thing?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah,’ and then they came to Bar Wrestling and wanted me and Jungle Boy to do a promo for the thing. I was like, ‘Hey, can we do it together?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, do whatever you want.’ So we just started doing our little schtick together, and it started getting real over on BTE.”

Stunt signed with AEW on his birthday, and he recalled the time when Rhodes and The Young Bucks first discovered him and booked him for All In. He revealed that he was not supposed to have more action in the battle royal at All In, but he revealed the veterans that vouched for him to have more action in the match.

“I had a performance with GCW where I came from the crowd, and I wrestled KTB,” Stunt said. “He helped me a lot, got me over and that’s actually the match that Cody and The Bucks noticed, and Cody texted me that night and invited me to All In, the battle royal. And the battle royal was nuts because I wasn’t supposed to get as much in as I did. But actually, Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer pushed for me to do a bunch of spots. They pushed for me to eliminate Moose for the first elimination.”

Stunt also discussed his Dynamite debut where he had to fill in for Luchasaurus who was injured. He admitted that the match was nerve-racking for him because of how quickly they had to put the match together against The Lucha Brothers.

“That happened two hours before the show, and we still didn’t know 20 minutes before the show if you were going to wrestle,” Stunt revealed. “They were doing the work and stuff, but that was probably the most nerve-racking match I’ve ever had still just because we had to put together so quickly and so on point because it’s the Lucha Brothers and it’s our TV debut.”

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