Mance Warner Comments On Possible Match With Sting In AEW

"The Eye Poke God" Mance Warner returned to The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast to discuss his new show "Mance-splaining" on Warner also discussed his reaction to seeing Sting debut in AEW and return to TNT.

"That was f–king awesome," Warner expressed. "When the lights went out and then he comes walking out there, I lost my s–t man. You got to think about it too where I think even some of the newer fans, younger fans get it because of The Network. So nowadays, you can watch WCW. You can watch everything. Everything's on there, Mid-South, ECW, and the younger fans I think they even got it.

"They were like, 'Wait a minute, this is on TNT. Stinger's coming out. Tony Schiavone's calling it. Schiavone loses his s–t. Everybody lost her s–t and then the next day, Twitter too instantly, but then the next day, you got people that don't even watch wrestling talking about, 'f–k man, you see Sting on TNT?' My uncle lost his s–t and was calling me up and was like, 'Hey man, Sting was on TNT again!' That's cool s–t man."

Hausman asked Warner if fans could see him against his "fellow WCW icon" Sting in 2021. Warner notes that the match-up would be great to see, but he also prefaced that fans shouldn't expect see any dives from him if he does appear on AEW.

"Who knows man man? That'd be some wild s–t though," Warner pointed out. "Get Sting with the eye poke and get him with the knee pad up, knee pad down. You never know baby. I can tell you one thing, I'm not gonna be hitting no dives. That's the only thing I know coming into this year. I won't be hitting no 450 dives or nothing.

"If I'm outside the ring and someone's coming to dive, I'm running around a circle of people. Imma lock in a sleeper hold, and I'm using the body in front of me to hide from the dive. So that's all I know so far with the dive situation, all that s–t going down. I'm old school baby. I'll hit you with an eye poke as you're coming through with one of them pescado or some s–t to the middle. Eye poke baby. Hold the tights, 1-2-3. That's all you gotta do."

Warner also explained his new show "Mance-splaining" and the basic concept of the show. He said it's a fun show that helps non-wrestling fans understand wrestling a little bit more.

"So basically it's 'Mance-splaining'. It's old Mancer sitting down," Warner stated. "I drink my beers. I talk, and I explain stuff. So the way I kind of explained it all the time, I do my 'Mance-splaining'. We're all pro wrestling fans. There's always some time that our old lady, or girlfriend, or wife, whoever they may be, significant other comes in, and they see us watching wrestling. And they give us s–t, and they make fun of us. And they don't know why we watch it.

"So the whole premise of the show, I sit down, and it's awesome because most of the time it's somebody's girlfriend or wife and they don't watch pro wrestling. They don't really understand it. They're not a fan. I always find out by the end of it, they may not be a fan, but they kind of understand a little bit more, and it's always fun. We're always cracking jokes, having a good time. They're drinking. I'm drinking, and we do a lot of s–t talking. And it's a good time. It's good s–t. I enjoy it."

Warner pointed out that non-wrestling fans ask a lot of interesting questions that most wrestling fans don't think about. He said a few of them make him question aspects of wrestling as well like, "why is there a referee in a ladder match?"

"It's cool too because one of the things I notice is, like I said, they're not pro wrestling fans. They just watch it because their boyfriend, or their old man, or their husband watches it, but they have questions that we don't ever get," Warner noted. "They'll ask, 'Why is their hair wet when they're walking out to the ring?' Well, I'm bald, so I don't have the answer right there, but what I always say is, 'If I got hair like Roman Reigns, I will wet that s–t down.' You got to. There's a lot of questions that we don't think about because we're in the bubble of pro wrestling.

"It's cool to sit there and try to try to 'Mance-splain' all this s–t when they're coming at it with questions where there's stuff we don't even think about. They'll have questions about 'why are they wearing jeans', or 'why are they wrestling in sweatpants', or 'why is the referee out there when there ain't no f–king rules.' Good s–t that we don't really think about because there's times where I go, 'Why the f–k is a referee out there if the whole point of this is they just got to climb a ladder?'

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