WWE Superstar Braun Strowman took to Instagram recently to document the hard work he has been putting into the gym and into his body. Strowman posted a before and after picture showing that he is now more slimmer, more fit and more jacked than he was a few years ago.

In his caption, he noted that there was only a 35 pound difference between the two pictures. Strowman’s last few IG posts have also been documenting his difference in physique as well as featuring inspirational captions relating to controlling your own destiny.

Strowman has been open about his mental health struggles as well as Vince McMahon helping him during a time when he was contemplating suicide. He posted a caption about working through his depression and doing what he felt was best to change his life for the better.

“Man it’s [amazing] what you can do when you believe in yourself the pic on the right was about 2 or so years ago when I was battling bad depression drinking all the time not sleeping and going half ass through the motions in the gym,” Strowman said. “You control your own destiny and you can make your life what ever you want if you’re willing to put the work in cause nobody’s gonna hand you that s–t!!! You have to know when to walk away from things that aren’t good for you and that’s what I did and I’ll be damned if I ever look back.

“I think the craziest thing about this is there’s only a 35lb difference in my body weight in the two pix!!!!! #GoGetYours #BraunStrowman #ControlYourDestiny #GetJacked #BodyBuilding #WeightTraining #Wrestling #Strongman #ProveEveryoneWrong #CatchMeIfYouCan #ISetTheBarForBigMenInWrestling #RememberThat.”

You can view Strowman’s IG posts below: