A couple of weeks ago, Jon Moxley announced on Dynamite that his wife, Renee Paquette, a.k.a Renee Young, is pregnant. Many expecting mothers would prefer that they are the ones who announce to the world that a baby is on the way, but Renee wanted her husband to make the announcement.

She discussed how her and Jon approached their pregnancy announcement when Renee joined Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo.

“It was not always the plan. As it got closer, we’re like, ‘I guess we should be announcing it soon,’ cause I am sure at some point, people are gonna be like, ‘Is she just getting really fat?’ And he was already in Jacksonville and he was messaging me, and was like, ‘I think I am just gonna say it tonight.’ And I was like, ‘Okay,'” revealed Renee.

“It just took so much pressure off of me because I kept trying to think of how we were gonna announce it. I didn’t want to be cheesy, or too over the top, or too emotional or vulnerable with it, so the fact that he took those reigns and I didn’t have to think about it beyond that was easy. It was funny for me because it was almost a throwaway line in the promo for him. He kind of just said it and moved on. It wasn’t like the purpose of the promo, but it was such a pivotal line, and immediately, my phone was just blowing up with friends being like, ‘Excuse me?’ It was pretty funny, pretty cool, and it was just nice to have it out there now? I didn’t have to worry about doing some big, fancy reveal.”

Renee appeared on The Bellas Podcast and said that she and Jon had been trying for a while to conceive. She shared her reaction at finding out she was pregnant, as well as Jon’s reaction to the news.

“I was so excited. I felt like I was waiting for it to happen at some point. At some point, I am gonna become a mom. That will be the journey I am gonna take, but then once it happened, it was like, ‘Oh, I am actually pregnant. This is a thing that is going to happen. Now there’s this child that I am responsible for forever.’

“I had very little experience with babies, so we’ll see how it all goes? I am also excited to see how Jon reacts to having a baby in the house. Him in dad mode is gonna be great,” stated Renee.

Earlier this week Renee revealed on social media that they will be having a girl. She talked about what type of daughter she wants to raise, and what Jon’s reaction was to having a girl.

“I think the thing I am really excited about is to raise a badass girl. Like, finding out that she was a little girl, I was like, ‘Yes!’ I feel like there’s so much knowledge and experience that I want to give to this little girl. I want her to come out swingin’ like she is gonna be a little badass,” said Renee.

“So, I am really excited for that aspect of it. I think even for Jon, too, right away, he was like, she’s gonna be a jiu-jitsu champion and she’s gonna be wrestling on the mat right off the bat. So, I think just kind of picturing this rough and tumble little girl that we’re gonna have, so, we’ll see what happens. She might just come out be like this sensitive, sweet little soul? I do feel like now that I know it’s a little girl and we’ve got a name picked out, now I am ready for her to be here.”

As first-time parents, Renee made an analogy to pro wrestling when describing how she and Jon will raise their kids.

“He’s gonna be such a good dad; I am so excited for him. I already know that any and all of our kids will be obsessed with him. I’ll be the bad guy for sure; he’ll be the babyface and I’ll be the heel. Jon just has so much more patience than I do, too,” admitted Renee. “He’s very patient, his mood is always pretty much the same. Where like, I can be all over the place. I feel like he’ll just always be that centered person, always in a good mood.”

In addition to having a baby girl on the way, Renee also has her first book coming out in 2021. She will be releasing a cookbook in the spring titled “Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously.”

She talked about the process of putting it together and what additional features will come with it.

“I loved putting this project together. I had been wanting to make a cookbook for so long. This was a total passion project for me. I kept just putting it out there to the universe – ‘I would love to write a cookbook if anybody wants to let me do that.’ So, I had already been kind of working on it and writing it just in my spare time, assuming that eventually, someone was gonna let me publish this book,” stated Renee.

“So once I got the deal, I was just hammering out these different recipes. I need between 60 and 70 recipes, and I was like, ‘Oh s**t. Okay, now it’s on. Now I got to put in the real work.’ So I was trying to crank out two to three dishes a day because some of them, I was gonna have to remake and tinker with just trying to get all the recipes as right as I could without being an actual chef – let’s keep that in mind. I am not a chef, I am just a person who likes to cook.

“And then there’s a playlist that’s gonna be coming with it, as well. So there are QR codes that you’ll be able to download that will lead you over to Spotify and get some music to just set up a little ambiance, and then just a bunch of great meals to cook.”