As one of the most prominent players in Hollywood today, The Rock’s national influence has skyrocketed far beyond most former professional wrestlers. Earlier this year, the former WWE Champion delivered an impassioned message to President Donald Trump, criticizing the president’s handling of recent riots. This message got many people thinking the People’s Champion himself could eventually sit in the oval office.

Speaking to Thibaud Choplin, Rob Van Dam gave his thoughts on one of his former tag team partners possibly pursuing a presidential run.

“I think if he wanted to do that, he would get so much support,” Van Dam said. “And, he gets so much respect anyway. And he’s in a leadership position, you know? He’s on top of the world, and he does rub elbows with the most famous people that we ever hear about. He has a lot of support. I support him. I would vote for him, probably yeah.”

The Rock and RVD did not cross paths much inside the ring, but they did team up a few times in 2001. Van Dam says he is not sure whether Rock specifically requested to work with him, but did recall most tag combinations being fairly random.

“Usually with things like that, you know, we show up and then we look at the card which was posted on the wall usually, and that would be how we see what we’re doing that day,” Van Dam said. “Like you show up and then it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m teaming up with Kevin Nash. Okay, that’s weird!’ And then after a while he said, ‘Hey, we’re a tag team!’ They keep playing together were teamed up. Like I said, we would realize that because sometimes I wasn’t teaming with him, you know, like on other shows. ‘Hey you’re teaming with Kane tonight!’ You know, and that happened. Who’s involved in making those decisions earlier in the day? I don’t know. The Rock could have been one of the decision makers. I don’t know. I mean, at the time, none of us knew that he was gonna be the star he is now, you know, even though he was already The Rock, nobody knew he was gonna be the world’s highest paid actor.”

Another legend RVD has mixed it up with is the Undertaker, who recently retired from in-ring competition. Despite seemingly hanging up his boots for good, Van Dam believes Taker will be back.

“Taker, I think he loves being there so there’s a lot of value because the fans still love seeing him,” Van Dam said. “And I think he’s getting paid a lot of money each time he puts the boots on so I could see him continuing. Continuing for an indefinite amount of time. Continuing to retire and then come out of retirement.”