Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback tweeted on Friday that he has heard Vince McMahon’s “health isn’t great these days” and he hopes that his former boss will “find the strength to overcome” his health issues.

Ryback tweeted, “Despite the pain and frustration the @wwe has caused me since walking away I want to send love their way towards @vincemcmahon as I’ve heard his health isn’t great these days. Hopefully he can find the strength to overcome so he can witness me kicking his ass fully for.”

A few months ago, Ryback received a lot of attention on social media for saying that the “world will be a better place” when McMahon passes. Ryback stressed that he wasn’t wishing death on McMahon “but stating an opinion” that he believes to be true.

See below for Ryback’s latest tweet on McMahon: