Sasha Banks On How She Landed Role In "The Mandalorian" Without An Audition

WWE Thunderdome was on the move last week as WWE picked up shop from the Amway Center in Orlando and headed southwest to Tropicana Field in Tampa. Last Friday's SmackDown was the first event to be held at the new Thunderdome location, and Sasha Banks was asked what she thinks of the new digs in an Instagram interview with ProSieben MAXX.

"Well, to be honest, I just rolled up in the building," Banks said before SmackDown on Friday. "I haven't seen what's around yet; I am super excited. Just going from Orlando, it's so nice to wake up and go. I used to live in Tampa. We used to have NXT and FCW in Tampa, so this brings me back a lot of memories. I'm excited about something a little new. I can't wait."

On her Instagram page, Banks shared a story of her evolution throughout her wrestling career. She made her pro debut in 2010 and worked the indies for two years before joining NXT in 2012. She then made her main roster debut three years later, and eventually became WWE's third-ever women's Grand Slam Champion.

Banks talked about her evolution and why she felt it was important to share her journey.

"I think of anything in life you always have to grow and understand that everything you go through is a journey. It's an experience. You have to take it. Just go with it and let it love you. Let it just fill you up. The good, the bad, the negativity, and that's what I did," stated Banks.

"I took everything in. I made everything better and I just want to make the best for myself so everybody can do that for themselves. Everybody can have a dream and go out there and chase it. If you look at my evolution, you can see from the very moment I said I wanted to be a WWE Superstar. I planted the seed. I kept on watering it to see my evolution, and here I am today as your SmackDown Women's Champion. I'm taking over Friday nights."

Banks is expanding her portfolio outside of wrestling and recently appeared in The Mandalorian where she played the role of Koska Reeves. She discussed how the director of the series noticed her and offered her the role.

"He watched me on Hot Ones. So, if you watched Hot Ones, I said that I'm a WWE Superstar. So he said he loved my personality on that and he wanted to write a role for me," revealed Banks. "I was just honestly in such shock that I'm still, to this day, pinching myself that I was even in a Star Wars episode. It's just so surreal. It's so crazy, but it's such an honor as well. If you have a dream, anything can happen. Let the universe guide you."

This was Banks' first credited role, and she was asked if she had to take acting lessons for The Mandalorian.

"I act every single week on Friday Night SmackDown," replied Banks. "I was acting every single week on Monday Night RAW. There's nothing really to prepare for. When you work for the WWE, you have everything you need."

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.