AEW star Shawn Spears deactivated his Twitter account and set his Instagram to private. Earlier this week, Spears was also removed from the official AEW website roster page.

This is apparently part of his current storyline with AEW. AEW aired an angle on Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite where Spears was frustrated with his position in the company.

“I left New York, the grass isn’t always greener,” Spears said in an interview with Tony Schiavone. “You can change the three letters, but you can’t change the glass ceiling, at least not for me.

“I am more talented than 95% of this roster and any other roster on this planet today. I look better, I work better and I damn sure talk better, so I don’t know why everybody is trying to work me into this thought that I’m not.”

After Schiavone suggested that Spears was to blame for his own failures, Spears snapped back stating, “Not for a goddamn second did I think that the problem was me, you’re a real piece of sh-t for saying that. Who the hell do you think you are? I can work anywhere in the world with the talent that I have and I waste my time with guys like you. You tell Tony and all the executive vice pricks that I’ll come back if I feel like it.”

Spears was recently involved in a feud with Scorpio Sky. While he has mostly wrestled on AEW Dark, he has not lost a singles match since being defeated by Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double Or Nothing this past May.