The Miz And Maryse Are Reportedly Pitching Two New Shows

Back in 2006, Maryse never imagined that her future husband, The Miz, would sit before her as one of the judges that would determine her fate to become the next WWE Diva. During her interview on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Maryse recalls the first time she met her husband at her Divas Search audition and how nitpicky he was at her responses.

"I remember I get up on the stage, and there are a ton of lights and people there, and Mike goes, 'Tell us why we should pick you to win this Divas Search,'" Maryse recalls. "And I go, 'Oh, hi, my name is Maryse.' And then, I start talking, and he stopped me. He said, 'No, no, no. We don't want a beauty pageant answer; we want a real answer.' So, I'm standing there going, '[Starts to chuckle nerviously] Ok.'"

"So, I move on towards the second round, and Mike had a conversation with some of them in the back. They said, 'Well, she can't speak English, so how are we going to have her work for World Wrestling Entertainment?' Mike said, 'Wait. I'm going to ask her if she can cut a promo in French.' So, he asks me if I can cut a promo in French. I cut it, but I don't remember what exactly I said, but he kept saying I was so turned on and scared. I remember looking into his big blue eyes, but I was ripping him apart."

Though she was the second woman eliminated in the competition, Maryse recalls the very first date she had with The Miz shortly before her departure and how awkward it ended up being.

"So, on our first date, we got done with a show, and Mike invited me to this place called Chicago, it's like a restaurant," she began. "I get there [and] I see that he's sitting with a bunch of people. So, I thought, 'Ok. I'm just going to go, sit by the bar.' I start talking to other people, and the date ended up with us not talking to each other, but we were in the same place. But it really wasn't a date because he asked if I wanted to go out and eat after we were done [with the show].

"We got done eating, and I said, 'Ok. I'm going to go.' And I guess he left like two minutes after me. He texted me with, 'Pull over. Pull over.' I'm like, 'Pull over?' I'm super French at that point [and didn't understand what he was trying to say]. So, I pull over in a parking lot, and we park in front of a porn shop. It was a porn shop in the middle of nowhere! Not like that, but one of those stores that sell swings and red balls. To this day, Mike says, 'I wasn't sure if you were scared or turned on [meeting there].' I think one of these days we should go back. But, we stood in the parking lot for two hours just talking, and that's where he fell in love with me."

Looking back, Maryse admits that it was love at first sight for her when she met The Miz at her audition 14 years ago.

"I think the first time I was in L.A. during the Divas Search," she replied on when she fell in love with The Miz. "It's weird because I'm not usually into mean guys."

With their hit reality show Miz & Mrs on its second season, the A-List couple has several more television show ideas up their sleeves, which they hope to announce to fans soon.

"We have our production company, MadRoe Productions, and we are pitching two shows now, and that is looking really good," she stated.

Renee followed it up by asking if she and Miz were looking to both produce and star in these upcoming shows or do one over the other.

"Both," she answered. "There is one that is pretty ridiculous. If you think Miz & Mrs is ridiculous, well wait for that one."

You can listen to Maryse's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.