Former WWE Champion The Rock is helping out a fan who asked for a re-tweet for the Christmas season.

As noted earlier, “Dwanta Claus” responded to a fan named Justin Abel, who asked for Rock to re-tweet a link to his eBay page, “NerdyComicBooks.” Justin noted that he was trying to raise some money to be able to provide his children with Christmas gifts.

“@TheRock Hi Rock! I’m like your biggest fan! So I could use your help please. I’m trying to raise some money to be able to provide my children with a Christmas this year. If it’s not to much to ask, Would you please consider retweeting this please. Thank U,” Abel wrote.

Rock responded and indicated that he has something extra coming for the man.

Rock wrote, “You’re this kind of dad and a retweet is all you want? I have a little bit more in mind for you. Stay ready. You’re a good man, Jay. We need more like you. ~ Dwanta Claus”

Rock’s tweet led to Justin appearing on the “Some Good News Show” with John Krasinski. The widowed father of 2 was joined on the show by The Rock, who promised to take care of the Christmas wish list from Justin’s kids, and give them a visit to the set of his “Black Adam” movie from DC Comics.

Rock told Abel, “You are what the holidays are all about. You embody the spirit. And I feel very confident I can speak for my friend John here in that, you know, the true measure of a man and true measure of a human being truly is always what’s in their heart. Always what’s deep down in their heart, and their mana.”

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