Sting's AEW Debut Video Is Receiving A Lot Of Attention On YouTube

One of the most shocking moments in AEW history occurred earlier this week when "The Icon", Sting, made his debut during last Wednesday's episode of Dynamite.

Along with setting a new record for merchandise sales on the Pro Wrestling Tees website, Sting's presence has also been impacting AEW's YouTube channel. His surprising appearance is currently hovering between the #3 and #5 most trending videos on the entire website, with over 1,500,000 viewers tuning in to watch.


For comparison, the video of what happened between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley in the main event AEW World Championship match has garnered around 850,000 viewers, and it has reached #13 on top trending videos. Chris Jericho vs. Kaz from earlier in the night has only received around 220,000 views.

With the massive wave of interest that has followed, it will be interesting to see what AEW's next move is with the legendary Sting. It's been reported that he will be featured regularly on the show, however, that may not include much physicality on Sting's part.

Sting's WWE legends contract expired in May 2020, which later resulted in WWE pulling all of his merchandise in October. He is best known among fans from his legendary runs in WCW and TNA/Impact Wrestling.