Trey Miguel Details Reason For Current In-Ring Hiatus After Triple H's Comments

During last night's media call that followed NXT "TakeOver: WarGames 2020", Triple H was asked by Wrestling Inc.'s own Nick Hausman about the absence of Trey Miguel after his fellow Rascalz team members, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, were recently signed to WWE. It has been reported that Miguel is currently weighing his options between WWE and AEW.

In Hunter's response, he didn't specify why or why not anyone has signed, but he did describe the exact type of person NXT is looking for.

"I don't want to talk about why people are or are not here," Triple H prefaced. "Obviously, there's a lot that goes into all of that, but for me, the people that do come here, it's seeing the heart and the passion. That really comes down to a lot of it. It's a passion business. You have to be all in. You have to be invested in this, every bit of you, and sometimes I see people that have been in a long time and it shows that they've been in a long time. I don't know, sometimes that passion isn't there.

"I see people that are new to it, and sometimes I see, 'oh, they like this, but it's not everything to them.' There are times there are people that I see coming into the door now where I just go, man, there passion and their heart, they live, breathe and eat this. When they're at the PC, every time I see them, there's a huge smile on their face. It's the greatest day of their life being in the doors, and training, and getting in the ring with people and learning. Those are the people we want here. That's not to say anything about the names I mentioned, other than that the people that are here is because of that heart and that passion. Like you said, their future's bright. There's a lot more coming in behind them."

Trey Miguel has now taken to Twitter to establish the reason for his hiatus from the squared circle. In his tweet, seen below, Miguel reveals that his nephew was born premature and is in isolated care.

"I feel like it is worth mentioning AGAIN that a month and a half ago my Nephew was born prematurely and is in isolated care until what would have been his actual due date," Trey wrote. "Meeting a healthy baby boy is more important to me than anything else. I'm sure you all can respect that."

Stay tuned for updates on Trey Miguel's status.

You can see the full tweet below: