Triple H On WWE Possibly Signing Trey Miguel: "You Have To Be All In"

Following WWE NXT "Takeover: WarGames 2020", Triple H was on the post-game media call. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked about the absence of Trey Miguel after the recent Performance Center signees that included the other members of The Rascalz, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz. It has been recently reported that Miguel is currently weighing his options between WWE and AEW, and on the post-game media call, Triple H gave his thoughts about the people NXT signs.

"I don't want to talk about why people are or are not here," Triple H prefaced. "Obviously, there's a lot that goes into all of that, but for me, the people that do come here, it's seeing the heart and the passion. That really comes down to a lot of it. It's a passion business. You have to be all in. You have to be invested in this, every bit of you, and sometimes I see people that have been in a long time. And it shows that they've been in a long time. I don't know, sometimes that passion isn't there.

"I see people that are new to it, and sometimes I see, 'oh, they like this, but it's not everything to them.' There are times there are people that I see coming into the door now where I just go, man, there passion and their heart, they live, breathe and eat this. When they're at the PC, every time I see them, there's a huge smile on their face. It's the greatest day of their life being in the doors, and training, and getting in the ring with people and learning. Those are the people we want here. That's not to say anything about the names I mentioned, other than that the people that are here is beacause of that heart and that passion. Like you said, their future's bright. There's a lot more coming in behind them.

"Whether that be people that have been in this business for a while or whether that be people that have been dreaming about this their whole lives, now's the time for them to walk through the doors to try to live their dream. I want to give the opportunity to all of them, and that's what this is about. So you're going to see people who you've never heard of and you've never seen walk through these ropes, and you're gonna see people that you have heard of and you're excited to see what they can do next in their careers. We're gonna make them all stars hopefully."

Triple H also discussed Pat McAfee and his growth as a WWE Superstar. Triple H noted how much of natural McAfee and also noted the people that he's in with that are committed to helping him succeed.

"There are certain people that are just naturals to this, Triple H noted. "You've seen it over the years whether it's a Ronda [Rousey], whether it's a Kurt Angle and somebody like Pat. Now saying this will take nothing away from Pat because what he has done has been absolutely amazing, but the people that he's been put in there with [and] the people that he's been around, eight guys in War Games tonight including Pat, all put their heart and soul into that and made it all happen.

"But that doesn't have to happen right? The other seven guys that are in there don't have to make that happen for him, and they don't have to allow that to happen. That's them being pros and unselfish and making him. There's a lot of that to the success, but make no mistake about it. Pat's phenomenal."

Triple H also discussed the Performance Center system and the methods they use to help experienced or inexperienced people that come into the Performance Center. He pointed out that succeeding in the business requires a lot of other people to help you out.

"It's funny because people talk about the system," Triple H stated. "There have been a lot of people that have come into this [or] that [and] have been turned into Superstars that had never stepped into the ring before, and the system works. There are people that have come from other places where they've had incredible success, and you allow them to apply that here. And then you help them take that success to another level. You teach them the stuff they don't know, and I don't mean that as a knock on anybody because nobody knows everything.

"This business constantly changes, and you all grow, and learn and move together. And that's the beauty of this. What we do, being a WWE Superstar, in some ways, it's an individualized thing because it's about you, and your stardom and your brand and all those things, but it's also a team endeavor because you cannot do it without the person standing across the ring from you, or people standing across the ring from you or people by your side. It takes a lot of people to make a star. It takes a lot of people to get that done but first and foremost is the person doing it."

Triple H reiterated his praise for McAfee pointing out his impressive promo and character skills. He spoke highly of the confidence McAfee has especially since he is viewed as an outsider to the industry.

"Again, my hat's off to Pat," Triple H expressed. "I don't know if I've seen anybody have a beginning two-match run and the microphone skills, the promo skills, the character, the everything. He's a natural at it. We say a lot here in the system here, one of the hardest things to do in the business is to be yourself, and Pat came in here knowing who he was and how he wanted to be.

"He just came in here and was just him. He's just one of the most amazing people in that confidence level and walking into something that he's an outsider, and even though he's loved it his whole life and most people don't know that, but that's the truth, when he gets here, he's an outsider. And to be able to resonate that confidence and be yourself, is an unbelievable skill set, and he has it and then some."

Triple H was then asked about who he thought has had the best 2020 in NXT. Triple H listed off many talents that have shone the brightest especially as of late and noted the depth of the roster.

"We just talked about Pat McAfee, but how do you say anyone had a better run than that in 2020," Triple H pointed out. "Then you look at Raquel González. Then you look at Shotzi Blackheart over the last few months. That list is long, and it's deep full of people. You see somebody like Leon Ruff come in here, and in just a short period of time that he's been here, I've watched him grow. It's hard to put into words. Just seeing him walk into the door nervous, and scared and have a certain skillset and then see him [and] his psychology, his understanding of that, and he's such a great guy.

"But then you see guys like Danny [Burch] and Oney [Lorcan] that have had the skillset but unable to put all of the pieces together, and then all of sudden, they're a part of promos and they're a part skits and they're a part of all these other things that they're just knocking it out of the park. I don't know if they had that ability two years ago. It's across the board that level, and to me, that's the stuff that you just see. For us, it's the stuff that you can't see. It just comes across on camera.

"People like Damian Priest, their star power is directly related to their comfort level, and how they become comfortable is by the people here getting him to that comfort level and changing them as performers. The growth his year in everybody has been amazing, and I feel like that's what we've been in is a growth year, but I look at the talent roster now, across the men, across the women, across all of it, it's deep, and it's getting deeper."

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