Candice LeRae Injury Update Following "WWE NXT: WarGames"

Triple H held a post-game media call following WWE NXT "Takeover: WarGames 2020". To start off, Triple H gave his thoughts on the show as well as discussing the upcoming returns of Karrion Kross and NXT Champion Finn Balor.

"NXT fired on all cylinders tonight, and once again, I thought an amazing War Games," Triple H expressed. "This show was a bit interesting in coming together over the last few months as everything has been in 2020 all the way through whether any of the structure would fit into this building. I was really happy with how everything turned out. A couple of injuries but nothing too too serious, and again, it's why I think it's the best in-ring brand in the business.

"It's gonna be an exciting few months here as we roll in 2021. As you saw tonight, 'Tick-tock' Karrion Kross is back. Finn returns. We will be back firing complete, and that's a good thing. I can't wait to do it and kick 2021's ass."

Triple H continued discussing the matches on the show praising the storytelling of the War Games matches surrounding the action and spots. He also gave his praise for the other matches on the card as well.

"I was just saying to talent backstage that it's hard to perform in this environment and this timeframe with where we are in the world, with limited fans and everything else," Triple H noted. The storytelling, to me, is where it's at. That last War Games match, these things are always trainwrecks. When the story is great, and this last one was very story driven, it was about all of these interactions between these talents and their story. And that's what I loved about it. It wasn't just about the spots, and that's what makes it.

"To me, I thought the women had an unbelievable night, maybe the greatest division anywhere. Tommaso Ciampa-Timothy Thatcher put on a clinic. [Dexter] Lumis and [Cameron] Grimes, what a hell of Strap Match. It was very physical different, and then Leon [Ruff], Damian [Priest] and Johnny [Gargano], again, telling an amazing story that I don't think you can all the way through. And Johnny's making history becoming a three-time champion. Leon being made. Damian Priest putting on another monster performance. Everybody got over tonight across the board."

Candice LeRae appeared to be injured during the women's War Games match. Triple H confirmed that LeRae was getting checked out during the time of the call, and he suspected that she suffered a broken arm. He noted that there were mainly bumps and bruises for the other talent, which he called a success considering the dangers that can come from these types of shows.

"Candice is getting checked out now," Triple H said. "Getting checked out and getting an x-ray so I don't have status update yet on that, but you are correct. It looks like possibly a broken arm. We're not sure yet, but we'll see where that goes. Bobby Fish got a little bit of laceration on his elbow, but we're not exactly sure. But it's just the elbow, so we're kind of just waiting and seeing, but other than that, just bumps and bruises. I hold my breath on this kinds of shows every single time. If that is the extent of it, then we did well."

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