Triple H Says He's 'Impressed With A Lot Of What The Rascalz Have Done So Far'

Ryan Satin of FOX Sports recently spoke with Triple H. Satin shared quotes from the interview on Twitter.

During the interview, Triple H gave his opinion about former Impact stars Dezmond Xavier (Deveon Aiken) and Zachary Wentz (Zachary Green). We exclusively reported that they were headed to WWE last month.

According to Satin, Triple H said that he was impressed with a lot of what Xavier and Wentz have accomplished so far.

Satin tweeted, "Regarding signing Dezmond Xavier/Zachary Wentz, Triple H says he's impressed with a lot of what they've done so far, 'but I don't know that they've really had a lot of helping hand to help have them get to where they are. They've just sorta figured it out on their own.'"

Triple H also described the two former Impact stars as two humble guys hungry for opportunity.

Satin shared, "Describes The Rascalz as two humble guys hungry for opportunity. Says they'll run through a brick wall, so to speak, to prove themselves and it makes him want to do the same for them in return."

The two were announced as part of the latest WWE Performance Center Class. Others that were announced include Alex Brandenburg (Alex Zayne), Sojiru "Ikemen" Higuchi (Jiro Kuroshio), Anriel Howard, and Russ Taylor (Rust Taylor).

Below you can see Satin's tweets: