Wrestling Industry Reacts To The Passing Of Brodie Lee

As reported, AEW star Brodie Lee has passed away at age 41 from a non-COVID-19 lung issue.

The wrestling industry has been commenting tonight on the passing of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion.


Stephaine McMahon tweeted, "I'm so deeply sorry for the loss of Jon Huber. We bonded over the love of our children. He was a true family man. #RIPBrodieLee"

"When long trips away from home made me miss my wife and daughter, you always made it a little easier. Great wrestler, but perfect family man. I'll make sure Amanda, Brodie and Nolan always know how much they meant to you. I loved being your friend. Rest In Peace, Jon," wrote Dax Harwood.

Ember Moon tweeted, "I am in disbelief. Always so kind. My heart goes out to his family."

"It's hard to explain to people, and I'm not certain he would want me to, that the biggest, scariest man you'll ever see on your television is the kindest soul you'd ever meet. A model of a husband and father, and proof that some people are too good for this earth," wrote Charlotte Flair.


Chris Jericho wrote, "It's Saturday. You know what that means...Backstage in Mexico in 2015. Brodie was annoyed that he didn't have his own merch t-shirt, so one of the brothers got a bunch made in his honor. We all wore them in tribute to the dude, cause everybody loved him. Just a wonderful man!"

Dark Order member Stu Grayson wrote a tribute to Lee on Instagram.

"I can still hear Mr Brody Lee screaming, yelling and cursing at Dark Order and then the camera would stop rolling and Jon and all of us would immediately break in laughter with tears in our eyes having a hard time breathing because we were having so much fun. These are the only memories I have of Jon because it's just how it was when we were all together. I'm just so happy I met you so long ago. I will always miss you Jon. RIP"

John Cena also took to Instagram to share a photo.

Natalya tweeted several photos with the caption, "I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of @ThisBrodieLee who was a dear friend to so many of us. He was an amazing husband and a devoted father. His love for his family was immeasurable. I am sending prayers and love to Amanda, Brodie, Nolan, and Jon Huber's family"

Sammy Guevara wrote, "Heartbreaking is an understatement. This was taken during the Atlanta shows when we had to film a month of TV in 2 days. Brodie was so much fun to be around. Broken heart #RIPBrodieLee"


"I love and miss you Jon. Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family. We all love you so very much. You were such a great man. It's been my pleasure and privilege to know and work with you. Your family is our family now. We will watch over them. Rest now friend. Broken heart," tweeted Brandi Rhodes.

Dark Order members John Silver and Anna Jay also reacted. Silver tweeted, "One of the worst days of my life" and Jay wrote, "I don't know how to feel. I'm so heartbroken. Thinking about his wife and children who he loved so much. He was such a great man and helped me more than I could've asked for. He will be missed terribly.. #99"

Chris Hero posted, "If you've read or heard how good of a guy Brodie was, please know that he was even greater. Kind. Thoughtful. Incredibly talented. Hard working. Passionate. ADORED his family My heart goes out to his wife, his sons, his family, friends & fans. Love you Brodie. RIP."

"Trying to sum up my good experiences with you in one tweet is impossible, Jon. Thank you for the match. Thank you for the text. Thank you for the laughs," wrote Christopher Daniels.

Edge wrote, "This is devastating. Jon was just...great. A great, funny, immensely talented, warm, family driven human being. All of our love, thoughts and warmth to his family."


Aleister Black tweeted, "This is all a grotesque nightmare on a scale none of us can possibly comprehend, this year has done nothing but take and I think we are all empty, tired and drained. Sleep well my friend, thank you so much for the road trips and the advice through the years. You were golden."

Below are their reactions as well as several more: