WWE TLC: AJ Styles Vs. Drew McIntyre (TLC Match For The WWE Title)

TLC Match for the WWE Title: AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre

We see the WWE Title belt hanging high above the ring as AJ Styles makes his way out with Omos. There are tables, ladders and chairs all over the venue. AJ hits the ring and poses with Omos as we get a video package for this match. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next with his sword. Drew stops and stares at AJ and Omos in the ring, then stabs the sword in the ground as more pyro goes off. Drew marches to the ring.


Drew enters the ring and looks up at the title as more pyro goes off. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. They have some words as the bell hits. AJ charges and goes for the knee. AJ rocks Drew into the corner and unloads with strikes. AJ grabs the leg but Drew kicks him off. AJ with more kicks and punches in the opposite corner now. Drew grabs AJ and slams him for a pop.

Drew with a big chop to drop AJ in the corner. Drew launches AJ across the ring and works him over in the corner, talking trash after knocking him down. Drew with another big chop to the chest, yelling at AJ to get up. Drew whips AJ hard into the opposite corner and he goes down. Drew with another big whip across the ring, staying on top of AJ with stiff strikes. Drew turns and stares out at Omos as the referee checks on AJ.


AJ fights back with a shot to the throat. Drew delivers a big back body drop in the middle of the ring. Drew yells at AJ to get up. He charges but runs into a boot. AJ goes to the second turnbuckle but Drew knocks him off, to the floor on the outside in front of a table and chairs, and a ladder. Drew follows and slams AJ into the announce table head-first. Drew starts throwing chairs into the ring now. He then stands a table over AJ. AJ slowly gets up and Drew slams his face into it. Drew goes for a suplex through the table but AJ blocks in mid-move with a knee to the head. Drew rocks AJ and drops his ribs over the top of the barrier. Drew keeps an eye on Omos and then launches AJ over a table, knocking the chairs off the table. More tension between Drew and Omos at ringside. Drew scoops AJ and drops him face-first into the top of the barrier again.

Drew brings a ladder in and climbs for his title but AJ cuts him off with a chair shot to the leg. AJ with a chair shot over the back while Drew is down. AJ wedges a chair in the corner now, then stops Drew from climbing. Drew blocks a head-first shot into the wedged chair. Drew then catapults AJ into the ladder but he catches hold and climbs up. Drew stops him and goes for a powerbomb into the ladder but AJ rolls down. Drew then catapults AJ head-first into the chair that AJ wedged into the corner. Both are down now. Drew clutches his leg but starts slowly climbing.


AJ launches a chair up at Drew and knocks him off the ladder. AJ rams Drew head-first into the ladder rungs. AJ shoves the ladder over onto Drew while he's on the mat. AJ continues to take his time and nails an enziguri while Drew is on his knees. AJ calls for the Styles Clash into a ladder but Drew fights out and hits a Futureshock DDT into the mat. Drew goes down clutching his knee as fans pop for him. Drew lifts a ladder and throws it at AJ but he moves out of the way for the most part. AJ hits Drew in his knee and then takes him down with a chop block.

AJ works on the leg now and uses the ladder to apply a modified Calf Crusher. AJ breaks it and talks some trash and looking up at the title now. AJ stomps on Drew as fans boo. AJ grabs a chair and smacks Drew's hurt left leg with it while he's down. AJ with more chair shots to the leg. AJ with another modified Calf Crusher using the ladder. Drew crawls and drags them to a ladder, slamming AJ's head back into it to break the hold. AJ stands up with a ladder but Drew grabs it and rams AJ back into the corner. AJ goes down but is standing on the floor now, slamming Drew's leg and wrapping it around the ring post. Drew gets up on the floor but AJ rams a ladder into his head and he goes back down.


AJ places Drew on a table at ringside. AJ has a ladder leaning in the corner. He walks up it to the top rope but Drew throws a chair at his head, knocking him to the mat. Drew throws a table in the ring and slaps his own leg to wake it up. Drew stands the table up in the corner but AJ approaches. Drew drops him with a back elbow. AJ with a drop toe hold into a corner of the ladder. AJ ends up kicking a table into Drew's knee. AJ leaps with a forearm but Drew catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the leaning ladder in the corner.

AJ fights back from the apron now. He nails the Phenomenal Forearm and they're both down now. Omos briefly assists with a ladder. AJ stands a ladder up in the ring and climbs for the title now. AJ reaches for the title but here comes Drew. Drew grabs AJ and presses him off the ladder, over the top rope and through a table at ringside. AJ lands hard. Drew climbs a ladder in the middle of the ring now as fans cheer him on. The Miz runs down and attacks, powerbombing Drew off the ladder through a table. John Morrison is right behind him with the Money In the Bank briefcase. They care cashing in. It's announced that this is now a Triple Threat.

Miz starts climbing for the title. Here comes Omos. Omos grabs Miz from behind and pulls him off the ladder. Omos walks with Miz and tosses him over the top rope, through a table at ringside. Morrison with a big chair shot over the back of Omos in the ring. The chair just bends and breaks. Omos is upset, not hurt. Omos stares Morrison down and stalks him. Morrison retreats to the floor. Morrison grabs another chair but falls on the ramp while backing up. Omos is still stalking him up the ramp. Miz, Drew and AJ are all down at ringside or in the ring now as we see the title hanging high above the ring.


AJ returns to the ring as Drew starts getting up, begging his knee to work right. AJ positions a ladder but Drew is having trouble getting to his feet. Drew and AJ start climbing a ladder now, Drew hopping up the ladder. Drew grabs it but AJ hits his knee. Drew with right hands on top of the ladder. Miz comes back in the ring and stands up a second ladder next to their ladder. Miz climbs and grabs the ladder but Drew hits him. Drew knocks AJ to the mat. Miz fights Drew back. Drew sends Miz to the mat.

Drew grabs the title but AJ springboards onto the ladder. AJ is back in it now. Miz helps bring Drew to the mat. Miz and AJ are trading shots up high on the ladder now. Drew uses Miz's original adder to shove them over. AJ lands hard and falls to the floor. Drew with a big Claymore Kick to Miz. Drew re-positions a ladder and climbs as fans pop. Drew hops up the ladder with his bad leg, and retrieves the belt to retain for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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