AEW star Trent evidently did not enjoy The Undertaker’s recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Trent made his thoughts known while replying to a tweet from former WWE star and trainer Tom Prichard, who wrote that “wrestlers, rasslers and ‘play rasslers'” should pay close attention to Taker’s comments on Rogan’s podcast.

Prichard wrote, “Required listening for wrestlers, rasslers and ‘play rasslers’: The Joe Rogan Experience #1598 Listen… Really LISTEN. Toxic? Really?!”

In his response to Prichard, Trent wrote, “bad take. the undertaker needs to be put in jail.”

A little later, Trent confirmed he was being sarcastic.

Over the past few days, Twitter has responded strongly to Taker’s comments about the current WWE product being “a little soft” and modern pro wrestlers being more interested in “playing video games and f**king making sure they look pretty.” It’s why Prichard wrote “Toxic?” in his tweet and wondered why Taker was receiving backlash for his comments.

Xavier Woods also took an indirect shot at Taker when he thanked people from “previous generations of wrestling” for teaching him to save money and have videogames in the locker room.

Trent, one half of AEW tag team Best Friends, is currently out of action with a partially torn pec.

See below for Trent’s tweets: