Booker T Gives His Picks On Who Wins The WWE & Universal Championship Matches At Royal Rumble

Two-time Hall of Famer Booker T joined the panel from WWE's The Bump to discuss everything that has to do with the Royal Rumble. But before he spoke on which matches he's looking forward to seeing a week from now, he revealed his favorite Rumble moment of his career.


"You know, of course, I never won the Royal Rumble," Booker T chuckled. "I don't look at that as a black mark or anything. You look at guys like Jake 'The Snake' [Roberts] who never won the World Championship. But my moment was when I returned in 2011 to the Royal Rumble. I left WWE, and I came back. It was totally unexpected. Me and my big homie Kevin Nash made our appearance at the same time.

"It was so rad, man. To come out of the curtain [it was] totally unexpected. The fans heard my music, and they reacted, and it was such a real moment. Wrestling has never been about winning or losing for me. It's always been about going out and making the fans feel a certain way. I tell you, when I walked out, the fans made me feel a certain way because they just wanted to see me. They didn't care if I won the Royal Rumble or anything like that. They were glad he was back. The pop was so loud that I turned around thinking The Rock was behind me."


With both the WWE and Universal Championships on the line, Booker T would like to see both champions retain their titles. His first comments went towards what he expects to see happen between Drew McIntyre and Goldberg for the WWE Championship.

"You know, Goldberg is pushing it, man," he laughed. "Everybody loves the nostalgia, but this is a young man's game. Drew McIntyre, he's my guy. I said before that Drew McIntyre is going to be the champion in this business. I always pushed him over to the side and whispered in his ear, 'Hey, man, do this. Change that. You're on the right track.'

"And now, you go back to when he first came in to where and how he looks now. He's a grown man now. He came in as a kid. Goldberg could be barking up the wrong tree. I'm not going for the old guy. Once you get past that number, bruh, you might want to rethink things. So, we're gonna see how this plays out. But if I had money, I'd put my money on Drew McIntyre. It's going to be quick."

Although he's a big fan of "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns, Booker T can't get over how great Kevin Owens' looks and the physique he's beginning to build.

"I tell ya, man, I'm a Roman Reigns guy," he announced. "But look at that photo of Kevin Owens. That's a different Kevin Owens right there. You picture him for a year-and-a-half, two years ago, and that guy has gotten into better shape. The thing is, it's been gratuitous. Kevin Owens has always been that guy that can go to the ring and go all night. And now, putting himself in better shape, that's going to be the match to look for. Guys, get ready because this is going to be an encore and a curtain call for these two guys."


You can watch Booker T's full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.