Docs Being Filmed At WWE Royal Rumble, Randy Orton on entering #1, Ultimate Royal Rumble

- In the video below, Matt Camp, Evan Mack, and Sam Roberts construct the most epic Royal Rumble using Superstars — both past and present.

- Footage for future documentaries featuring WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg are being filmed at today's Royal Rumble, according to PWInsider. Content for other projects are also ongoing today, but those three particular Superstars are getting sit-down interviews. The Royal Rumble begins at 7 pm ET (Kickoff is at 6 pm ET).

- On last night's WWE Backstage it was announced Randy Orton will enter the Men's Royal Rumble first. Edge is set to enter second against his rival. On social media, Orton reacted to going against his former tag partner later tonight.

"From the biggest surprise last year to the biggest way to start the #RoyalRumble match this year. He doesn't think I forgot about him does he? Past is prologue...Edge."