Gerald Brisco Reveals Which WWE Superstar Helped His Son Get Into Wrestling

Wes Brisco recently became engaged to AEW's Red Velvet this past December, and the news apparently surprised a certain family member.

Speaking about the engagement on VOC Nation, Wes's father, wrestling legend Gerald Brisco mentioned why his son's engagement stunned him a bit.


"Well I was shocked," Gerald said. "I knew it would take a fine woman, but I didn't think that he would capture such a fine woman. Congratulations to him and [Red Velvet] and I look forward to being a grandfather. He wasn't an easy guy to deal with that weekend; he was a real pain in the a–, and I know what a pain in the a– is because I've raised him all my life, and he's been a pain in the a– since he was a little, bitty, baby boy."

Wes is most known for his time with Impact Wrestling, then known as TNA, as a member of the Aces and Eights stable. Gerald revealed that a recent RAW Tag Team Champion played a pivotal role in grooming Wes for that position.

"I'll always be grateful for Xavier Woods because Xavier really took Wes under his wing," Gerald said. "Xavier had come from TNA and had already experienced a high level, and he was able to pass that knowledge willingly on to Wes and elevate Wes not only in the ring but [also] mentally. That's what I really appreciate. It's great when a guy takes the time and teaches you how to be a better tag team partner, but when he takes the time and teaches you how to be a better business man, that's helping the business [and] helping everybody elevate their selves. That's what Xavier did for Wes and I'll always be grateful for that."


During his time in WWE, Gerald was a prominent on-screen authority figure. Alongside the late Pat Patterson, the two were known as 'The Stooges' and worked diligently under Vince McMahon and within the Corporation stable. Gerald says his partnership with Patterson worked so well because of how authentic it was.

"What made that so good was that it was so organic. It just kind of grew on its own," Gerald said. "Nobody planned on it being such a hit, the Stooges getting over so much. Pat and I had such great chemistry together, and we worked off of each other. Pat was just a hilarious guy to be around; you could not be around Pat without laughing. Pat was a dear friend, and he'll be missed. He was so giving to Wes when it came to knowledge and all that stuff. It broke my heart when he passed."

You can hear the full interview below: