There continues to be a lot of speculation about NJPW star Jay White.

White’s profile is currently missing from the NJPW website. The profile was first removed earlier this week but was added back a few hours later, with a new paragraph about his promo at Wrestle Kingdom 15 where he said he was moving on.

The paragraph read, “An emotional Switchblade declared backstage that all his effort had been for nothing, and that he would be leaving NJPW after January 6 2021. Should he follow through on his declaration, the pro-wrestling world may lose a man who would otherwise join the all time greats.”

The profile was removed again a few hours later and as of this writing, has not been added back.

White is currently being advertised for the NJPW event at Budokan Hall in March, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Super J-Cup reports that White is also being advertised for the New Japan Cup in mid-March, and he is being advertised for NJPW at Korakuen Hall in March, according to Kakuto.

It was recently reported that WWE was planning to make a “major play” for White, but he’s also said in the past that signing with WWE was not on his radar. The report, via Super J-Cast, on WWE making a play for White also noted that it was “50/50” on whether he stays in Japan or leaves, and that his contract ends at the end of this month.

It’s also been reported that White has wrestlers within WWE who have endorsed him to officials.

Tony Schiavone was asked about White possibly signing with AEW on this week’s AEW Dynamite Post-Show and he said he didn’t think it would happen as White is “pretty much locked into what he’s doing” in Japan.

Regarding White’s NJPW contract, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW tried to recruit White when they were starting up in late 2018, but he reportedly told them that he had signed a 7 year contract with NJPW.

There’s no confirmation on what the future holds for White, but we will keep you updated.