JTG was a recent guest on SK Wrestling’s Off the SKript, where he discussed his time in WWE.

JTG’s most popular run came with the late Shad Gaspard in the popular tag team, Cryme Tyme. The two quickly rose the ranks in WWE, and despite never winning gold in World Wrestling Entertainment, they did win over the hearts of the fans.

When the duo eventually split, JTG revealed he had big plans for his singles run, and even pitched being paired with a WWE Hall of Famer.

“I pitched the muppet idea,” JTG said. “I pitched the Rocky 5 idea. Was it Rocky 5? With Booker T, where he takes me under his wing because we had the same similar roots. You know, they were in a tag team, and now they single.”

At that point in JTG’s WWE tenure, his career was somewhat following that of Booker T’s in WCW. The former World Heavyweight Champion started his career with the popular Harlem Heat tag team, and eventually transitioned to a successful singles run. JTG says his idea was to be Booker’s protégé of sorts, where the WWE Hall of Famer would help him follow the right steps to singles success.

“And you know, he takes me under his wing, and then he gets me to a certain caliber,” JTG said. “And then I want to do it on my own, and then he’d be like, ‘You’ve got to listen to me,’ and I’ll turn on him. I pitched that idea. That would have been amazing. I loved that idea. That’s my favorite one.”