Kazuchika Okada Suggests Supershow With WWE And Other Promotions To Give Back To Fans

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated recently ahead of Wrestle Kingdom 15. Ever since the the creation of AEW, there has been much fan chatter over NJPW and AEW working together in a formal manner.


AEW President Tony Khan has discussed the possible relationship on many occasions, and NJPW talent like Rocky Romero has also addressed the situation as well. Okada suggested on SI a supershow with other wrestling promotions as a way to give back to the fans who have not been present at shows due to the pandemic.

"Times are tough right now, but I hope what we do will bring joy to everyone all over the world, and give them enough strength and positivity to do their best the next day," Okada said. "And when the world calms down, I would like to give back with other wrestling companies to all wrestling fans in the world who still support us even in this current situation. New Japan, WWE, AEW, CMLL, AAA all together. Sounds pretty cool, don't you think?"


The last time NJPW have held a big supershow was with Ring of Honor at Madison Square Garden in 2019 for the G1 Supercard. Okada later expressed his desire to cheer people up through pro wrestling.

"I want to show how powerful professional wrestling is," Okada stated. "I want to cheer everyone up with that power."