Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers Attack Rich Swann & Motor City Machine Guns Before "Hard To Kill"

After taking a big loss this week to the Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Karl Anderson and his teammates Doc Gallows and the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega initiated a brawl against Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) ahead of their six-man main event match at Hard To Kill this Saturday.

This week, Anderson and Swann competed in the main event, where both teams were banned from ringside. In the beginning, Anderson was working on Swann's injured shoulder, causing the World Champion to struggle throughout the match. But towards the end, Swann pulled through with a rollup pinfall victory.

Upset that their partner lost his match, Omega and Gallows made their way backstage to attack the Motor City Machine Guns. Anderson and Swann joined their partners to level the playing field. The brawl continued as the screen faded to black. It'll be interesting to see what Omega and The Good Brothers have in store this Saturday after Anderson's loss this week.

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Below are clips from Swann/Anderson's match and the brawl that ensued after: