– WWE NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai was held off last night’s New Year’s Evil special to sell last week’s attack by Mercedes Martinez. Last night’s show did feature a new vignette with Martinez sending a warning to Shirai, telling her that she is coming for the title. It looks like Martinez vs. Shirai will be the next match for the title.

Martinez took to Twitter after the show and put everyone else on notice, writing, “Take your time healing up. I’ll be waiting for you when you are ready. Until then, EVERYONE else is on my radar… #clickclick #RUGGEDandTHUGGED”

You can see the new Martinez vignette above, and below is her full tweet.

– Last night’s NXT New Year’s Evil main event saw Finn Balor retain the NXT Title over Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly took to Twitter this afternoon and sent a message to the champ.

“Well Finn, you did what you said you were going to do. You made me suffer and you beat me. But you didn’t BREAK me. At least not like I broke you. #NXTNYE,” O’Reilly wrote.

We noted last night how WWE announced that both Balor and O’Reilly were taken to a local hospital as O’Reilly needed x-rays on his jaw, and Balor needed to get his arm checked out. O’Reilly also responded to that “breaking news” announcement this afternoon.

“BREAKING not broken but Canadian man is said to be extremely pissed off,” he wrote.

O’Reilly also responded to a WWE tweet that showed O’Reilly aggressively fighting Balor during last night’s match, noting that he was giving everything he had to try and win the title. The clip featured O’Reilly tumbling through the ropes to the floor after throwing a big kick at Balor.

“Slightly taken out of context but have you ever been so pissed off and kicked someone so hard that you lost your balance and just tripped out of the ring? Just me then? Huh. Alrighty then,” he wrote.

Balor has not directly commented on last night’s match, but he did post a photo that showed the blood on his face from the cut above his eye.

“STEP RIGHT UP,” he captioned the photo.

Stay tuned for more on Balor and O’Reilly. You can see their full tweets below: