Marvel and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide have collaborated to introduce a pair of new Lucha Libre wrestlers inspired by two of the most popular Avengers characters — Spider-Man and Captain America.

As part of the partnership, El Aracno and El Leyenda Americana — who are inspired by Spider-Man and Captain America, respectively — were introduced at the recent AAA TripleMania XXVIII event [full results here].

Marvel-based villains were also introduced at TripleMania including El Terror Purpura and El Venenoide, who are inspired by the Mad Titan Thanos and Spider-Man’s villain Venom, respectively.

Marvel has also launched a new line of Lucha Libre AAA merchandise inspired by Mexican wrestling and the El Arcano and El Leyenda Americana characters.

According to, there are plans for more characters and stories from the Marvel Universe to emerge from the Marvel-AAA partnership.

Luis Lomelí, Head of Licensing and Consumer Products at The Walt Disney Company [Mexico] said in a statement, “The potential of wrestling is unlimited. Its quality, color and talent are increasingly valued in the world. Based on this unique and original creative platform, we will develop different product lines such as clothing, footwear and accessories, toys, household and school items.”

Marvel has also released a trailer with the announcement that can be viewed here.