Matthew McConaughey Discusses Why He Got Kicked Out Of A Wrestling Event Twice

We all know Matthew McConaughey as a leading man in Hollywood who's had iconic roles over his career while also creating iconic phrases. But before McConaughey was ever an actor, he was a wrestling fan while growing up in Texas during the 1980s.


Back then, World Class Championship Wrestling was the main promotion in Texas but multiple other promotions would do tours in the area and all through the South. McConaughey recalled attending one of those events and having a run-in with two legendary heels at that time in an interview with Maria Menounos.

"You know I've been, I've been, I got kicked out of Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport, [Louisiana] for pelting Skandor Akbar with tomatoes," said McConaughey. "I got kicked out, I snuck back in through the bathroom window, and then I got kicked out a second time, the same night for spitting a loogie on King Kong Bundy."

"You spit on him," asked Menounos in disbelief.

"He looked me in the eye and got seriously pissed off and scared the heck out of me after I did it. And I took off running and they caught me and kicked me out for the second time that night," recalled McConaughey. "I brought a paper bag full of old, mushed tomatoes and Skandor Akbar comes out and I'm just pelting him. And that was all great until they started really connecting. Then the security found me and they kicked me out.


"Then I climb through this little bathroom window at Hirsch Coliseum and got back in and spit on King Kong Bundy [laughs]."

"Wait, I feel like I've read the tomato thing with Akbar," said Menounos. "But do people know about King Kong Bundy?"

"I don't know if I've told that," replied McConaughey.