MLW Announces Two Big Title Matches Set For The Next Two Weeks

This week on MLW Fusion, the company announced three major events that will be taking place in the next three weeks. So far, there will be two championship matches and the premiere of "Filthy Island."

Next week, Savio Vega will challenge Richard Holliday for his IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship in a Caribbean Strap Match. This comes after Vega called Holliday a thief after he took the title without properly winning it and defending it all across MLW. Vega is looking to become a two-time champion after holding it for 584 days in 2019.

Since Mads Krügger  took him out of action following The Restart, Alexander Hammerstone can't seem to shake off "The Black Hand of CONTRA." So, on February 3, Krügger will be given another chance to face Hammerstone for his National Openweight Championship in a Baklei Brawl – a bare-knuckle, no holds barred match. This comes after  Krügger and Hammerstone's match at Kings of Colosseum ended in a No Contest.

Lastly, on February 17, Tom Lawlor will debut his "Filthy Island." The 2020 Opera Cup winner has been working on this project since June of last year.