Paige is filing a lawsuit against a person who was selling her address online.

She revealed that the cops are involved and a report was made.

Paige first tweeted, “You realize how disgusting this is? You literally tried to get money for our address!! You’re a terrible person. The cops are involved. A report was put in your name. Numerous people came forward about you w/ DMs. You changed your Twitter name after being called out.”

The former NXT Women’s Champion then tweeted about how she’s using lawyers to get a lawsuit against the person.

She wrote, “Yeah using lawyers to get a lawsuit for someone selling our address makes me super s–tty. Thanks for making me see the light, bud.”

Last November, Paige and her boyfriend Ronnie Radke had to deal with a stalker incident. Paige had explained that the person said, “symbols led him to them.”

Below you can read her full tweets: