Rey Mysterio Reveals His Wrestling Mount Rushmore

Rey Mysterio joins other wrestlers that have recently shared their wrestling Mount Rushmores. Mysterio shared his picks while speaking to Alfred Konuwa from Forbes. 

Mysterio's Mount Rushmore includes his Uncle Rey Mysterio Sr, Tiger Mask, Negro Casas, Dynamite Kid, and Eddie Guerrero.

"I do like to consider the wrestlers who have inspired me throughout my career," said Mysterio. "My uncle was a big inspiration to me. What he was doing during his time I thought was incredible.

"Negro Casas has been a huge inspiration to me, Tiger Mask has been another huge inspiration and Tiger Mask cannot go alone, he has to go alongside Dynamite Kid. I think those right there just inspired me throughout the whole way. Of course, you could never do your Top 5 and not put Eddie Guerrero in there."

As noted, WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks also had Eddie Guerrero on her list that she shared with The Complex Sports Podcast.