After having one of the most successful years of her career, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks has cemented herself as one of the top wrestlers in the world today, and it sounds like she knows it.

Speaking on The Complex Sports Podcast, Banks revealed her WWE Mount Rushmore, positioning herself in the top spot.

“Of course I’m #1,” Banks said. “Me, Bayley, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle.”

On the subject of Angle, Banks praised the Olympic Gold Medalist for his in-ring work.

“He is one of the greatest wrestlers and entertainers of all time,” Banks said. “His matches are so crisp. If you are a wrestler and trying to get into the game, if you are trying to learn the basics and then learn the top techniques, you need to be watching Kurt Angle.”

Pro wrestling Mount Rushmores are always the subject of debate. While some top fours include a diverse group, most wrestling Rushmores include the same names. Responding to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’s Mount Rushmore, which included the Undertaker, The Rock, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena, The Boss says the Tribal Chief’s is too basic.

“That sounds like a company answer!” Banks said. “You put them over! That sounds like a political WWE answer, and that’s why he’s at where he’s at with Paul Heyman. It’s alright!”