Sean Waltman joined Wrestling Inc.’s managing editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to chat about all things surrounding his career. Recently, Waltman was cured of Hepatitis C, which opens the door for the former member of the nWo to return to the ring once again.

Speaking of the New World Order, Waltman says he knows just as much as the fans when it comes to the status of their Hall of Fame induction. The nWo was scheduled to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 36 weekend, but when pandemic precautions forced 2020’s Showcase of the Immortals to operate without fans, WWE postponed the induction ceremony indefinitely. While Waltman already has a Hall of Fame ring from DX’s 2019 induction, he says the delayed nWo induction hasn’t stopped him from calling himself a two-timer.

“I mean, I’ve been signing 8x10s, and I put ‘Two-Time Hall of Famer’ on there, but it just hasn’t happened yet,” Waltman said. “I mean, is Batista a Hall of Famer yet? Is Bradshaw?”

When the nWo inevitably go into the Hall of Fame, Waltman will join elite company as one of the few two-time Hall of Famers. If he ever went in as a singles wrestler he would become the only three-time WWE Hall of Famer, of which there are currently eight but the other seven have had individual inductions. According to the former X-Pac, he has no interest in going in solo.

“I’ve said this, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I have no desire whatsoever to stand up there by myself to give an acceptance speech for another Hall of Fame,” Waltman said. “I don’t like that situation, standing there in front of thousands and thousands of people. It’s one thing to stand there and have a match, but I’m not the, it was never my thing. I was never the big jabber-jawer. I had some things to say sometimes, and I think they came off [as] authentic, and I think that’s why people liked me, but I was not getting ‘Promo of the Year’ awards, ever.”

Waltman’s first Hall of Fame experience came just two years ago, at WrestleMania 35 weekend when he was inducted alongside D-Generation X. Speaking on that weekend, Waltman shared a funny story about making an awkward situation between himself, his wife, and the Honky Tonk Man.

“That’s kind of the beauty of it, is the awkwardness,” Waltman said. “I’m a huge fan of making things awkward in the room (laughs). You know my wife? A lot of people don’t know, my wife is a beautiful black woman. Last year, WrestleMania [35], the one before the past one got cancelled, we got inducted with DX. It’s me, my wife, she wasn’t my wife yet, and Honky Tonk Man are in like a green room. And so Honky Tonk Man says something to me, and I called him Honky, and then I looked at my wife and I said, ‘That’s our word. You’re not allowed to say that.’ And Honky Tonk looked at me a turned bright f–king red. It was so awkward (laughs).”

While many of his friends and former stablemates have began working at WWE as trainers, producers, or road agents, Waltman has yet to make the transition to a behind-the-scenes role full-time. Regardless, Waltman has still made the occasional appearance at the WWE Performance Center. While he wouldn’t reveal who his favorite talents were to work with, Waltman did say he still keeps in contact with a few of the developmental wrestlers.

“Some of the people I was working with, I keep in contact with, we communicate,” Waltman said. “They ask me for feedback on things, and you know, I give it. You develop relationships with people, and I was close with some of the people down there.”

One of the hottest names in WWE NXT at the moment is former NFL punter Pat McAfee. McAfee made one of the most seamless transitions to the wrestling ring in recent memory, impressing in his debut singles match against Adam Cole and his death-defying leaps at NXT Takeover: WarGames. Beyond his in-ring work, McAfee has further solidified himself as an exceptional promo, receiving praise from some of the best mic workers in the business. Waltman added himself to the McAfee support train, and went as far as to say he’s an integral part of any roster he joins.

“I don’t want to seem like, oh, I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but yeah of course,” Waltman said. “How can you not be? He comes in with an athletic background, so it’s not like he’s some jabroni. He’s like a real athlete.

“He is an asset wherever he goes. Let’s be honest here. He has his own built-in following,” Waltman said. “He brings a lot to the table, and he does well out there. I read, and I don’t know if it was storyline stuff, but that there was a decision to take him off TV completely for who knows, who knows what that’s about. I liked what they were doing with him. I liked them sticking him with Oney and Danny.”

Aside from McAfee, Waltman says the last NXT Title challenger has also caught his eye. The former member of DX says the Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly is the hottest talent in the world right now.

“Kyle O’Reilly’s been running on all cylinders for quite a while now,” Waltman said. “There’s no one putting out better stuff than him right now in the ring. Maybe guys just as good as him or whatever, because that’s just how tight the competition is there, but I just think his stuff is as good as anyone right now.”

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