T-BAR Brings Up Sammy Guevara's Past Controversial Remarks About Sasha Banks

As noted here, T-BAR took to Twitter earlier this evening and said that Sammy Guevara stole his finisher.

The argument between the two has now turned towards past controversial remarks that Sammy Guevara made about WWE Superstar Sasha Banks.


Guevara said on a podcast in 2016, "Bro, Sasha Banks... oh my God. When I was at the WWE the other week I wanted to just go f–king rape that woman."

T-BAR tweeted that Sammy Guevara should try to be creative instead of making jokes about rape. He has since deleted the tweet and wrote that he's going to delete all his contributions to the argument because it's dumb.

His full tweet was, "Someone tell panda kid I had a singles match on TV last night, and I didn't steal the move from some backyarder, I thought of it in a professional wrestling ring with @Kill4nova. Try being creative sometime, instead of, oh I don't know, making jokes about rape."

He then tweeted, "You know what, everyone is right. This is a dumb argument and I'm deleting my contributions to it."


As reported last year, AEW did suspend Sammy Guevara over his remarks.