Tama Tonga recently spoke on the Tama’s Island podcast and addressed comments Michael Elgin made about him being ‘unsafe’ in the ring.

The comments materialized over an incident three years ago, when Tonga landed numerous chair shots on Elgin.

“He’s pissed off that I hit him with a whole bunch of shots, a whole bunch of chair shots, right?” Tonga said. “I was going ham on his punk a–. A, number one, I was just doing what I was told to do. And number two, the chair was plastic, Michael Elgin, you f–king b—h. The chair was plastic! And I’m a great worker, man. I take great pride in being a great worker. He said I was swinging like a wild man and trying to hurt him and this and that, nah man. Most of the time, if you had saw, I put out his arm, held his arm up, I swung at his arm, I hit the d–n mat!”

Tonga then went on to accuse Elgin of faking injuries, specifically mentioning how he gets “taped up” every time he’s about to lose.

“Michael Elgin, you b—h a–. Acting like you got some injury. Are you b—hing to anybody? You had your arm taped already. Who hurt your arm before that? Are you b—hing about that? Because every time you about to lose, you’re all taped up somewhere man. Every time your about to take that fall, you’re all taped up somewhere.”

As evident by his social media feuds with Elgin and Kenny Omega, as well as being one half of the IWGP Tag Team Champions, Tonga has his hands full. Despite carrying out numerous feuds at once, Tonga reiterated that it’s nothing new to him.

“I’ve grown accustomed to it,” Tonga said. “I’ve learned to multi-task. If you want to be at this level, the level that I’m at, you got to learn to multi-task. I got iron finger in one hand and Kenny Omega in the other and I can do them both. And Elgin man, that ain’t no worry for me. He’s already dead bro.”

A big question in the wrestling world has been about the future of former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Bullet Club leader Jay White. White’s contract with NJPW is rumored to be up at the end of the month, and both WWE and AEW have already expressed interest in bringing the Switchblade to their respective promotions.

With questions about whether White’s apparent NJPW exit is legitimate or an angle, Tonga reassured that the Bullet Club’s leader will be “back in the game” soon.

“Don’t you worry about my man Jay White,” Tonga said. “He’s recouping right now, getting himself together. He’ll be back in the game, I got no doubt. There’s a reason why we brought him in the Bullet Club. Don’t you worry. He’ll be alright.”