On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, MLW’s The Von Erichs were on ahead of their Bunkhouse Brawl tonight against The Dirty Blondes at “Kings Of Colosseum” for the MLW Tag Team Titles. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Ross and Marshall started their chat discussing Will Ferrell movies, and the fight scene in Anchorman was referenced. Marshall promised their brawl tonight at Kings of Colosseum will be similar to that fight.

“That’s the mindset we’re going with is the Anchorman fight,” Marshall said. “I’ll use lamps. I’ll use whatever I can. Anything can be used and it will be. The main rule about not touching the face, that’s the only rule that doesn’t apply.”

Ross and Marshall also discussed the tone they want to set for being one of the first matches of 2021 for MLW. They talked about their rivalry with The Dirty Blondes and how the match will be chaotic.

“So a lot of people don’t know this but for the past four years, people have been wanting us to lock up The Dirty Blondes because they look a lot like The Freebirds, just that style,” Marshall noted. “I know [Leo] Brien looks a lot like Terry Gordy, moves like him. So these are guys we’ve been wanting to wrestle for a really really long time, and we got a chance to meet in the ring a long time ago in Texas, which was just awesome.

“We felt like there was unfinished business,” Ross added. “It was great to get them back in the ring, and to actually do it, it’s going to be recorded this time. It’s going to be chaos for sure. We’re not planning anything. We’re just going to brawl.”

Hausman asked The Von Erichs if they naturally gravitate towards the barroom brawl style. They admitted that they do as Ross recalled the memorable battles of The Von Erichs and The Freebirds.

“That’s kind of what gripped us, just the struggle,” Ross described. “Plus my dad, watching all the tapes with The Freebirds, they were just relentlessly just trying to kill each other.

“My favorite scenes in movies are bar fights,” Marshall admitted. “Picking the guy up and sliding them across the bar and knocking over all the drinks, I just love that chaos and it’s just cool we get to do it in our job.”

Former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor previously appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he addressed his controversial action of spitting on the Texas flag in Dallas and the riot that ensued early in 2020 at an MLW show. The Von Erichs gave their thoughts on Lawlor’s disrespectful act.

“That was one of the angriest I’ve been at a wrestling show in a long time,” Marshall admitted. “You can take stuff too far, and what he did with the Texas flag, there’s been a lot of great men and women that have honored that flag, that stood under that flag, represented Texas and when he spit on Texas, that’s something — it’s gonna take a long time for me to get even.

“My older brother, he knows that I not only like to get even but I like to get one up and then some. As my dad always said, ‘Marshall likes to get even and then some.’ Tom has a target over his head. I don’t care if he’s champion. I don’t care what he is. What he did to the flag was gross, and I don’t care who’s on his side. You look at the roster right now, we’re outnumbered.

“Everybody’s got groups of four or five. Tom’s got 30. I don’t know how many guys are in Team Filthy now. We got two, and that’s all we need because I can trust my brother. Tom is picking guys on emotion, and he’s playing with their emotions. I think they’re all in it for themselves, but my brother, I know he has my back. I have his back. I don’t have to worry about anything. That’s all I need.

“It was intense,” Ross noted. “People were getting kicked out. Security had their hands full. I think we were in the back when it was happening, and people were holding us back. And they’re just like, ‘No, no, no,’ and we just busted out there. We couldn’t stand for that.

“We got in trouble for busting out, but we couldn’t watch it happen,” Marshall added. “They didn’t honor the Texas flag. That’s extremely important here. You’re a Texan (Nick). You know. We’re our own country. We’re prideful people, and so it was just really really hard to see that.”

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