Triple H was recently a guest on The Michael Kay Show where he talked with Michael Kay, Don La Greca and Peter Rosenberg about the current goings on about WWE. Triple H discussed the current set up WWE has now with the ThunderDome as well as his hope that WWE can have fans back.

“We’re doing shows right now at two locations,” Triple H explained. “One is Tropicana Field, which is the ThunderDome, for RAW and SmackDown, and there are virtual fans that are on video boards, but it certainly does bring that live component back. The talent can hear the fans. They can see fans. They can see them on the video boards, but it’s not the same.

“As a performer, when everything you do is geared towards that reaction of a live crowd, and you’re playing to them at all times and you’re looking forward to that reaction, it’s not the same, but nothing in the world is right now. And we’re doing the best that we can to entertain people in any way we can. We’re making every improvement that we can.

“As soon as we can put people back in to arenas safely and get back to doing what we do, we’re all for it. No one wants it more than us, but as of right now, that is what we’re doing is video fans. Hopefully, by WrestleMania 37 on April 10 and 11, we’ll be back to having people in a stadium and doing what we do and causing people to jump up and down and go crazy and have a great time and live life.”

Triple H also discussed his in-ring return on RAW against Randy Orton. He revealed that he was called about appearing on RAW the day night before.

“I said it a few weeks early ironically, not thinking it was going to happen so quickly, but I said I might have a little box on the wall that says, ‘in case of emergency, break glass’ with a little hammer,” Triple H recalled. “To be honest, I got the call the night before and was like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna write you in the show tomorrow,’ and that was it.

“It’s not the same. My hat is off to all the men and women right now that are doing this week in, week out that did it all this time during COVID and the pandemic and did it in front of no one, did in front of few [fans], did it in front of video wall of fans. It’s not the same. It’s difficult when you geared your whole life, your whole career towards getting that reaction and working towards it, and now you have to towards the reaction that you believe that you will get, but it’s not the same.”

Triple H was asked if he ever envisions himself taking control of all of WWE. Triple H admitted that it doesn’t matter to him who is heading everything. The only that matters to him is that WWE continues to grow and suceed.

“Look, for me, all of this comes down to the success of WWE,” Triple H said. “I never started this on any standpoint — when I got into it, I just wanted to do it because I thought it was the greatest form of entertainment in the world, and you just want to be great at it and whatever comes along with it.

“As my career wound down, I realized I was just as fascinated with the behind the scenes of it. It’s irrelevant to me who is steering the ship or who is doing what. There’s plenty of work for everybody here. For me, it is all about insuring that, like the tagline says, then, now, forever.

“This brand of entertainment, that I personally consider the greatest blended form of entertainment in the world, [I hope] that it continues. So to me, it’s irrelevant to any of it. It’s as long as it continues.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Michael Kay Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.