Update On Erick Rowan's Future With AEW

As reported earlier, former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan [aka Erick Redbeard] has not signed a contract with AEW, and his appearance during the Brodie Lee Celebration of Life edition of AEW Dynamite was a one-off deal.

During tonight's AEW Dynamite Post-Show, Tony Schiavone confirmed that Rowan was not yet a member of the AEW roster.

When asked if AEW fans can expect to see Redbeard in action again, he said, "I believe Erick's appearance only came on that tribute show to his former tag team partner."

However, Schiavone did not rule out the possibility of Redbeard returning to AEW TV.

"Then again, I say that but who knows? He might show up tomorrow," said the AEW announcer.

As noted, Rowan recently got a new tattoo in memory of Brodie Lee .The tattoo features a sledgehammer similar to the one used when Rowan and Harper were the Bludgeon Brothers in WWE. The hammer reads "Bróðir" on the top of it, which is Old Norse for "brother."

Rowan was released by WWE in April of 2020 as part of the company-wide COVID-19 budget cuts. Stay tuned for more on his future.