SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Carmella vs. Sasha Banks

Back from a break and Michael Cole welcomes us to ringside. He’s joined by Corey Graves. Out first for the next match comes Carmella with her sommelier, Reginald. We see recent happenings that led to this match. Carmella waits in the ring as we go backstage to Kayla Braxton with SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Banks laughs at the idea of the odds being stacked against her because when you’re the best, you find a way to win. Banks is ready for their tricks because in the end, she will be the one drinking the finest champagne of Carmella’s tears. She goes on and looks ahead to defending at WrestleMania 37. We go back out and Banks makes her entrance to a pop as the pyro goes off.

Carmella blocks a Banks Statement to start but goes outside to regroup. She comes back in and they go back and forth. Banks with a big slap and a smile as Carmella sells it. Banks warns Reginald that she’s watching him. Banks keeps control but Reginald gets on the apron. Banks sends him off to the floor face-first, but the distraction allows Carmella to take over.

Carmella leaps off Reginald’s back at ringside and clotheslines Banks against the announce table. Carmella works Banks over but brings it back in for a 2 count. Carmella with back elbows in the corner now as the referee warns her and fans boo. Carmella takes Banks to the corner and ties her up on the ropes with the submission as the referee counts to 5 and warns her. Carmella poses at ringside as fans boo her.

Carmella comes back in and stalls some, allowing Banks to be ready to attack. Banks tries to slam Carmella but she counters and drops Banks by her hair for a 2 count. Carmella grounds Banks with a headlock now, talking trash as the crowd tries to rally.

Carmella runs into an elbow in the corner but she turns it back around. Banks ends up hitting the Meteora from the top but she lands hard on her knee and sells it. Banks charges but Carmella sends her into the ropes. Carmella ties Banks’ hair around the bottom rope and stomps away while she’s trapped. The referee warns her and fans boo louder. Carmella yells in Banks’ face while she’s down on the mat. The boos get louder. Carmella wraps Banks’ hair around the bottom rope again and works the champ over as a “you suck!” chant breaks out.

Banks kicks Carmella away and then sends her into the second turnbuckle face-first. Banks drops Carmella in the opposite corner and keeps control with more offense. Banks with double knees in the corner for a 2 count. Banks with the Three Amigos suplexes in the middle of the ring but the third is blocked with a knee strike. Carmella tosses Banks out of the ring but Reginald catches her. Banks counters and sends Reginald flying with a headscissors. Banks rocks Reginald and he stumbles around. The referee ejects Reginald from ringside as fans pop.

Carmella runs and nails a suicide dive while Banks is distracted. Carmella brings it back in the ring but Banks kicks out just in time. Carmella argues with the referee about sending Reginald to the back. Banks rolls Carmella into a 2 count, and another. Banks ducks a shot and back-slides Carmella for a 2 count. Banks with a suplex. Banks goes to the top for the Frogsplash but Carmella gets her knees up. Carmella with a drop toe hold into the Code of Silence submission.

The referee checks on Banks as Carmella tightens the Code of Silence. Banks counters and nails a sliding knee. Carmella recovers first. They both slowly get up. Banks misses the Backstabber. Banks gets sent to the apron but she fights back in. Banks goes to the top and flies but Carmella superkicks her in mid-air. Carmella drops Banks with another superkick for a close 2 count. Carmella can’t believe it, showing frustration now. Carmella drags Banks over but Banks counters and pulls her into the Banks Statement in the middle of the ring. Carmella taps out for the finish.

Winner: Sasha Banks

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