WWE Sends Out Open Invite To Actors After NXT UK Stars Are Called Out

Freddie Flintoff, The Top Gear host, and former cricketer, tagged actor Tom Davis while watching this week's episode of WWE NXT UK.

"Watching wrestling NXTuk on @btsport, reckon me and you @BigTomD could sort these lads out. [Laughing emojis]," Flintoff wrote.

"Mate I'm down with that...We'd be the dream tag team," Davis responded.

The WWE UK social media account caught the conversation and simply wrote back "open invitation."

Flintoff had apparently previously worked out with WWE as he told Eddie Hearn's No Passion, No Point podcast.

"What happened was, I needed a job. I used to love wrestling as a kid. I love the Undertaker. Wanna fight this lad in Manchester," Flintoff recalled. "I presented [it] to Sky ? they loved it, put me in touch with WWE, next thing I know I'm on a plane, I'm off to Tampa to wrestling school. I bulked up and trained. Two days I was there, just getting battered, broke two ribs, did a few pieces to camera. Thought nothing [more] of it.

"Then I got a letter or an email from WWE saying, 'Will you join us?' They said, 'Come to wrestling school, we'll fast-track you, in 18 months you'll be doing WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles.' And I'm thinking, 'I didn't go for this, but with [the] money involved, I'm quite tempted.'"

After watching more of NXT UK, Flintoff decided maybe he'd say out of the ring, "I take it back, this is alright @btsport. I'm out [Laughing emoji]."

He also gave props to the debuting Ben Carter, "The moves on this Carter [thumbs up emoji]."