Big Cass Comments On His Return To The Ring

As noted, Big Cass [CaZXL] returned to pro wrestling Saturday night for Lariato Pro Wrestling.

Big Cass took to Twitter this evening to comment about his in-ring return. He last wrestled at a NEW How You Doin show in Sept. 2019.

He tweeted, "After a long journey filled with an enormous amount of self-reflection, I now start my journey towards redemption. Thank you @The_BigLG for the opportunity, and thank you to everyone for continuing to believe in me #StraightOuttaStep12" 

Cass also has a new shirt, "Straight Outta Step 12" where all the proceeds will be going to the Herren Project. 

The Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization that provides free resources and support for the treatment, recovery, and prevention of substance use disorder. It was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren.