Christian’s WWE Royal Rumble appearance on Sunday reportedly was not just a one-off appearance.

Christian is scheduled to make future WWE TV appearances, according to PWInsider, but as of 4pm ET he was not booked for tonight’s RAW. It’s believed that the former World Heavyweight Champion will be working a part-time schedule for WWE.

The story going around backstage after Sunday’s pay-per-view was that Christian was officially but secretly medically cleared one week before the Rumble after a visit to doctors in Pittsburgh. Very few people within WWE were aware of his return before he started warming up on Sunday.

Christian entered Sunday’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match at #24 and was the #27 elimination, tossed out by Seth Rollins. He lasted 18.12 and had two eliminations – Braun Strowman (with WWE Hall of Famer and winner Edge) and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley (with Riddle, Daniel Bryan, WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E).

Stay tuned for more on Christian’s WWE status. You can click here for his post-Rumble video interview and comments.